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What is Rose Veal?

Vitelco Rose Veal has been raised on a balanced, nutritious diet including grass, real milk & grain. The healthy iron content of this diet results in veal with a pink color instead of the white color associated with milk-fed veal. It also has a more robust flavor.

Contrary to popular belief, veal doesn’t need to be pale to be tender. Vitelco Rose Veal is top quality & exceptionally tender.

Rose veal can be substituted for milk-fed veal in all applications.

The Finest Quality

Vitelco Milk Fed Veal delivers the classic white veal presentation, tenderness, and mild flavor chefs expect. All cuts are selected for the finest quality and expertly butchered to consistent specifications. This program elevates classic white veal recipes while maintaining affordable pricing.

Classic Milk-Fed Veal, No Compromises

The Dutch pioneered milk-fed veal production, and Vitelco has refined it by raising quality and humane treatment standards. Calves are humanely raised in groups, and are not given sub-therapeutic antibiotics or growth hormones.

Cut List

  • 6 Bone Rack (Chop Ready)
  • 0x0 Boneless Striploins
  • Top Round, Cap Off
  • BHS
  • Boneless Legs, RTS
  • Eye Rounds
  • Butt Tenderloins
  • Tenderloins
  • Top Sirloin Butts
  • Bottom Rounds
  • Flank Steaks
  • Bone-In Loins, Trimmed

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